Video Podcast : Update on Vega 200 & Perfect Commuter Bike

In this podcast I go over how the Light & Motion Vega 200 review is going. In the second clip I show you how the Long Haul Trucker from our Perfect Commuter Bike Build is sitting.

Let me know any questions, comments or opinions. I’m still trying to work out these podcast in order to be ready for the Handmade Bicycle Show the end of February.

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0 thoughts on “Video Podcast : Update on Vega 200 & Perfect Commuter Bike”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    I loved the video. Hope there are more..

    Lights, it would be nice to compare dynamo to others. I’ve used my dynamo in temps to ~-30f and through heavy thunderstorms and along with two hour rides in the dark. I never have to worry about charging or batteries. My first set are on my winter commuter, the hub and lights have over four years and 20,000 miles and there is no sign of them wearing out. The $500 dollars for the complete setup has and are now down to almost $100 per year and I think it will get down to $10 per year and they will still be going…

    This morning was -10f and by knowing my lights would stay bright I rode past the turn to the bus stop and rode all the way to work.. It started my day of right!

  2. Paul –
    Thanks for the feedback! I get worried when there are no comments for the video post.

    Dynamo’s are on my short list.. PROMISE!

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