Month: January 2010

How Hard Core Are You?

With the temperatures around 20 degrees colder than the norm in North Carolina my motivation is lacking for the daily commute to and from the bike shop. In my mind I keep repeating, “Practice what you preach” and that is the one thing getting me on to a bike most days. I’m sure I could…

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Nitto Campee Racks

The name Nitto, is a staple name through out the bicycle industry.  Even within bicycle shops it holds a name that means two things, high cost but durable and long lasting.  Even within the shop I manage when I bring in Nitto handlebars or racks the mechanics are left drooling as they are normally working…

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Winter Cycling

I must admit I don’t have to deal with extreme winter cycling conditions all too often. There are some advantages to living in the desert, after all. However, I am endlessly impressed by those who do ride all winter through the snow, freezing temperatures, and other runny-nose-inducing weather conditions. Hence, I have decided to write…

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