Shimano Alfine Internally Geared 11 Speed

On the Surly Long Haul Trucker message boards, a fellow brought up that the internally geared Alfine group from Shimano is coming out with an 11-speed version.

From the fellow, Vik’s, blog :

Shimano has shaken up their internal geared hub lineup with a new 11 speed Alfine hub. I’m super stoked to see the gear range gap close with the Rohloff. I’ve really enjoyed the Alfine in my Pugsley and the Nexus 8 hubs in my Bike Fridays. They shift great, are reasonably priced and offer a really low maintenance drivetrain for your bike. The one downside is their gear range was too narrow for some riders. With the new 11 speed Alfine many more riders will be able to use one of these IGHs.

11 Speed Alfine IGH Specs:

  • gear range 409% vs. 307% for the 8 speed Alfine and 526% for the Rohloff
  • jumps: 2 x 17% and 8 x 13%
  • weight 1.6kg
  • oil bath lubrication
  • trigger shifter
  • only available in silver initially
  • $419USD

So far I haven’t seen a firm release date for this IGH, but it is supposed to be a 2010 product so let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see them in North America in the not too distant future.

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0 thoughts on “Shimano Alfine Internally Geared 11 Speed”

  1. Mark Muller says:

    If only these things were cheaper…

    That said, I think this is a large enough range that these are going to start showing up on mountain bikes. For most (and I repeat, most) commuters, I don’t think these make much difference – the 8 speed units already have a large enough range, and these things are pricey. Commuter style bikes with 8 speed hubs start at around $750 (and if anyone knows of a cheaper one, please show me). How much would changing to one of these hubs add – $100? More?

  2. Greg says:

    Very cool! We are looking forward to using this hub!

  3. Dirt McGirt says:

    Word?! That’s awesome!!!! I want!

  4. rickybobby says:

    Why are you talking ’bout price and wishing they were “cheaper”
    If you factor in the durability vs. an external drivetrain, and compare the quality to a full derailleur set-up, I think it is a great bargin!
    Modern 9 speed mtb groups (which is what you need to compare this to becuase that is what it will replace on most bikes cots easily half that when the chain is shot to replace. Also, hub brakes eliminate wear on the rim. Commuters eat drivetrains and rims at least once a year in all weather commuting.

    This hub, like all internal gear hubs will save you money in the long run. And time cleaning your drivetrain and rims.

  5. Alan@EcoVelo says:

    The European release date is set for September 2010. My guess is that it will be a 2011 product here in the U.S. The coolest thing about this hub is that it’s supposed to be lubricated with oil like the Rohloff. If so, hub life should be longer, and maintenance should be simpler.


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