Sean's Home Made Bike Trailer Revisited

Back in January we wrote a post about Sean from Australia who had created a really cool custom trailer out of an old school table and some parts you could find around the house or hardware store. One cool thing that Sean had done was to design his own custom hitch for his trailer.

Well Sean has been generous enough to send us an update and some more photos of his project. Looks like he has been developing his hitch a little further and trying to evolve a version of the trailer that incorporates the wheels into the actual table frame instead of the previous sub frame for the wheels. Thanks for the update Sean, keep it coming?

Part 1. Part 2.

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0 thoughts on “Sean's Home Made Bike Trailer Revisited”

  1. Vladimir says:

    I’m really like that product but its look very havy.Maeby is it possible to make exactly the same but only from CARBON,jast let me know?With regards,Vladimir.

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