Month: February 2010

What is the Perfect Post Ride Beer?

Everyone’s got one, the perfect post ride beer. That mouth watering frothy malt beverage that consumes your thoughts towards the end of a great bike ride. It temps your mind invoking a horse to the barn feeling even after the longest and hardest of rides. The perfect post ride beer or PPRB, is something that…

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Urbana in Portland

Haniya of Urbana Bikes will be in Portland, OR next Wednesday & Thursday, March 3 – 4 at the Jupiter Hotel, 800 E. Burnside St. She’s in town to show off the 8 speed Urbana to Portland bike dealers, but she’s also giving demo rides to interested consumers. To schedule a meeting to test ride…

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Shopping Anyone?

We received this most excellent photo from Tony at Tony’s Trailers. Ever wonder what happens to those abandon shopping carts you see miles from any food store? It’s not just the bag people that make good use of them. No need to try and come up with some creative cargo trailer, the food and grocery…

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Bicycle Land Services

It’s been quite some time since we wrote about cycling services here at Utility When we set out to define utility cycling, we came up with three subcategories related to the topic of cycling services, including retail and commercial services, emergency and patrol services, and land services. We did a four-part series in late…

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Urbana Bikes: Serious Fun

Many people wonder why racing cyclists train on ludicrously expensive bikes and wheels. Theoretically, a racing cyclist must work harder riding a heavy clunker, getting more benefit from this harder workout. The secret lies in the psychology of motivation: it’s simple stupid fun to go fast and to push yourself to new personal bests. I’m…

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The State of Cycling in the U.S.

We have all seen it, a cyclist riding down a one way street going the wrong direction, blowing a stop sign, or just not obeying the rules of the road and riding all over the place with out any where with all, acting as if because they are on two wheels the have the right…

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