Clancy's Custom Foldable trailer

After giving his Burley child trailer to a friend, because children do grow up, Clancy was finding himself lacking cargo capacity on his bike. One day his wife brought home a Yakima Tot Rod. Well, since Clancy no longer need another bike child trailer he began the modification process to convert it into a bike cargo trailer.

Clancy removed the cover and roll cage. The cover was altered and reused, he also mounted horizontal strips of 1’x2′ boards to the trailer floor to add some rigidity. Clancy then added a few Velcro straps for strapping in cargo. According to Clancy his favorite thing about this trailer is the ability to remove the floor, roll it up and collapse the trailer for easy transport or storage.

I think this is a great DIY custom mod of an older bike trailer, that originally was intended for a different use, into a great new bicycle cargo trailer. Nice job Clancy!

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