Unboxing the 2010 Raleigh Clubman

A little preview of the Raleigh Clubman that we recently took in for review. In this 6 minute clip we go through the basics of unboxing a bicycle.

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0 thoughts on “Unboxing the 2010 Raleigh Clubman”

  1. dugg says:

    pretty good. i unbox pretty much the same way but a few different steps. after the bike is out of the box is clip all the zip ties and move front wheel out of the way. grease bolt and post then put it in the stand to strip the packaging. if the stem needs a flip i do it while the bike is still on the ground so you dont have to hold the fork with one hand while trying to flip the stem and tightening the stem bolts. for the front wheel i use my knee to put upward pressure on the wheel and keep it in the dropouts.

  2. You build bikes on your carpet? Are you (or, perhaps more concerning, your landlord) worried about grease/lube/dirt/bum urine getting all over it?

  3. Mister Negativity says:



  4. Matt says:

    I really enjoy your hat (and your groovy personality). Do you have a fan club? If not can we start one? Totally serious.

  5. Jen says:

    Where is the review of the Bike? How heavy is the clubman?

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