National Bike Summit Roundup

Photo credit : Steve of Cool Breeze Cyclery
Photo credit : Steve of Cool Breeze Cyclery

Last week was the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. .   Due to being in rainy Florida, I couldn’t attend.   I’ve tried to list the best round up from across the web that I could find for all of you that may not have been keeping up with minute by minute happenings.

Round up across the blogosphere

Bike Portland had one of the most comprehensive list of articles, they were there in sponsorship by Planet Bike. Make sure to check out both sites.

Voices from the National Bike Summit on Streetfilms

WashCycle didn’t attend but has a good review for all

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0 thoughts on “National Bike Summit Roundup”

  1. locus says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I believe your photo is inaccurate. That picture is the view from my ride every morning (westbound on East Capitol Street as it meets up with 2nd Street NE/SE on the east side of the US Capitol Bldg).

    The red car on the right would be illegally parked. The last parking spot (reserved for the Supreme Court) lies several feet back.

    East Capitol does have a dedicated bike lane (it’s why I use it), but the road marking the bike lane ends several feet back. From this perspective, it’s actually a broken single line for cars turning right.

    Since I take a left at this light to head down to HHS, I’m always forced to dance around all the cars headed right. At least security necessitated removing one of the bus stops this corner.

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    There was also great coverage of some of the events at my friend’s blog: — a series of articles as he attended the Summit.

    Also, our friend Gwadzilla has a bunch of photos of events over there.

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