Burley Travoy – A New Generation of Trailers

While at Frostbike a few weeks back we were introduced to the Burley Travoy.   A new cargo trailer from the folks at Burley.   This trailer is much different than any trailer you may have seen so make sure to click through all the photos.

Burley Travoy CBB

The trailer is more all than wide, and utilizes different types of bags to hang off of the main structure.   It then attaches to your bike much like a tow behind bicycle would, at the seatpost.

The advantages of this trailer over say the Burley Nomad are two fold..   First, this trailer can collapse down pretty flat, and easy to carry into the office or 3rd floor flat. Second, universal.   Carry a laptop in their messenger bag, get grocery’s with their grocery style panniers.   I am a big fan of interchangeable and universal things.

A Travoy should be coming to Commute By Bike headquarters this spring for a full review.   Bike Hugger currently has one in for review, check out their photos of real life use.

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0 thoughts on “Burley Travoy – A New Generation of Trailers”

  1. Jim says:

    This makes me think that my on-again, off-again plan to make a bike trailer from an odld golf caddy is not that preposterous – very similar configuration.

  2. Rob E. says:

    Neat. I wonder about weight distribution, though. I always think that one of the main benefits of a trailer is that by balancing the weight properly, you can keep most of the weight off the bike and on to the trailer. This attachment method and style of trailer doesn’t seem to make that very possible. Don’t know how much/if that would affect handling, though. It does seem like it might preclude the use of a rear rack, or at least a trunk bag. But then I guess that’s why you have a trailer. But I have occasionally found it helpful to use both my rack and a trailer together. It also seems like it would have greater utility if you attach something wider than the actual trailer, but the wheel placement precludes that. Maybe box that boosted the wider item up above the wheels would fix that. But I do like the looks of it and collapsibility of it. I’ve been pondering something like that for a big, hard-sided suitcase that I could haul behind my folding bike to the airport, then put bike and trailer into the suitcase, and continue on my merry way. This doesn’t fold up /that/ small, but it’s the same idea, so I’m glad to see it’s at least theoretically feasible.

  3. Gary says:

    Looks like a nice trailer, but the general idea is not all that new. The Bike Hod is a similar design that has been sold in England for at least a decade:


  4. shyam says:

    i think there may be a homeless man or woman out there with patent rights on this already.

  5. Statrixbob says:

    Actually this looks it was taken from what I’ve actually seen several times here; homeless folks using bikes with a handtruck as a trailer. Admittedly they’re using real handtrucks which I wouldn’t want to drag around, but the geometry looks pretty similar.


  6. Jody Brooks says:

    Fly, Land, Bike! Look Ma, no transit, no rental car.

    I love the Travoy because it enables me to fly with my folding bike and literally pedal out of the terminal:


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