Month: April 2010

Bicycle Advocacy Organizations: The National Stage

In its many forms and functions, utility cycling would not be possible without the support of the bicycle advocacy organizations that exist on both local and national levels. These organizations lobby for improved road and trail conditions as well as educate individuals, businesses and communities about bicycle safety and the benefits of using a bike…

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Kona Bikes Goes Electric

Recently on Kona Bikes Facebook, and their Newsletter, Kona has released snippets into their newest lineup – Electric Bikes. Following close behind Trek’s Ride+ Bikes, Kona is quick on their heels with a new spin on their well received cargo bike, the Ute. Three Models There are three models in this new Electric line :…

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Trail Maintence Trailer

Dean found that walking to different parts of trails that required maintenance and carrying tools took way to much time out of the day, and sometimes when you only have one day a month do to trail work time is of the essence. Dean felt that pre-made retail bike trailers where not cost effective, So…

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Steamboat Springs Spring Bike Fest

The long-standing spring Bike Swap gets upgraded to Steamboat Springs first Spring Bike Fest..  With a little bit of something for everyone, from bike commuter how-to tips to mountain biking skills.  Follow it up with a movie, Follow Me, or swap meet. What: Routt County Riders’ Spring Bike Fest When: May 7 and 8. “Follow…

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Worldwide Ortlieb Panniers

Our friend Cass Gilbert sent us this inspiring picture of these well traveled Ortlieb Panniers. I’m not sure what the story is behind them, but they are inspirational. For more bike touring inspiration, check out Cass’s blog, While Out Riding.

Hand Built with a side of Toughness

Pete sent us some pictures of a bike cargo trailer he made for hauling gear, some where in the Western U.S. he tells us. This doesn’t look like the yuppie trailers roll’n around suburbia America. This is a working mans trailer. Pete constructed this ox from old road signs, bolts and wood, with 20″ Northern…

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Spam Filters and Annoying Junk Mail

Several of you have complained about the spam that is happening within comments. We are taking one step forward to set up stricter spam filters.  If you try to comment now you must have a name/email and all comments will be moderated.  I’ll also be testing out a couple different plugin’s to moderate human beings…

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Introduction : Burley Travoy

Back in March we introduced the Burley Travoy, a new urban trailer from Burley. There is now one in house for review from Burley for a few weeks.  Below is a sneak peak of the bike trailer in my kitchen. We will have a full video clip and photos of how the Burley Travoy works…

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General Bicycle Transportation is nearly one year old. Our first post in June of 2009 was dedicated to defining utility cycling and identifying all of the categories and subcategories within it. At that time, one of our main goals for the site, was to serve as a reference for other utility cyclists, so we have slowly been…

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Bicycle Design Blog

It isn’t a secret that I am a big fan of what James is doing over at He pulls the coolest fringe concepts and bikes out of the industry that most people forget about or ignore. In the past month they have talked about a few very interesting bikes and concepts, instead of rewriting…

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