New Belgium Urban Assault Ride


The New Belgium Urban Assault Rides resemble Alley Cats that messengers put on, but maybe with more law abiding participants. You go between check points and do various task or obstacles across your city.

In a nutshell, teams of 2 have to ride to various checkpoints around town. They can pick any route they like and visit the checkpoints in any order they want (that’s how they learn about the city’s bike infrastructure). At each checkpoint, they have to complete some kind of quirky obstacle course or task.

In 13 cities across the country from April through September, maybe you can find one of these events near you. Personally, I’ll be doing the event in Charlotte, NC. It seems to be a great event to get people on their bikes and learning a city that they may drive through daily.

The check points in my city are far enough apart that either you’ll : A.) know your way around well or B.) use a map. Either way, it will show people a different way of the city, on two wheels. The event will be great to participate, but my hope with those non-cycling participants, is to show them why we need to be safe on the road.

Come out and join us if you can!

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0 thoughts on “New Belgium Urban Assault Ride”

  1. I would love to do this. I would be coming from Raleigh. I was thinking of asking my riding friend here is someone wants to do this, but then I thought maybe I should team up with someone in Charlotte.

    On the plus side I am easy to get along with, I ride over 100 miles a week and I have a Biologic iPhone mount (waterproof GPS and Google access during the UAR).

    On the negative side, I am 52 years old and bot particularly fast (although a 20+ MPH stretch is not unheard of).

    Any interest?

  2. Matt says:

    My brother-in-law and I did the one in Chicago last year and it was a blast! We are planning to do it again this year as well. Of course the team that won came in an hour before us, but that’s wasn’t really the point of us doing it. Free beer, a cool t-shirt, and lots of “interesting” people! Perfect

  3. Allie says:

    That sounds AWESOME!! We’re starting a collegiate bike sharing system at UMD in College Park, we’ll definitely have to re-create something like this magic to let people familiarize themselves with the best biking routes around town..

  4. Jack –

    I already have a team in place, but could spread the word perhaps?

    shoot me an email off line – Arleigh at

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