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With the talk of iPad, iPhone, iPod and my new Droid, it seems that mobile life is getting even more, well, mobile.   Often I am able to talk or interview leading commuters, brand managers or public officials in regards to commuting or bike utility.   I feel that sometimes the passion or thoughts are lost in words.   It is also the reason I hate texting, but that is a separate subject.

As always, before I invest too much time trying something new for the site or network, I would like to hear from you guys.   Do you listen to podcast.   Are they worth the effort for you guys..   If you say yes, which podcast do you listen to now and what do you like/dislike?

Now, take the time to go visit the podcast that I started earlier this year – Bike Shop Girl’s Podcast.   It is a more women centric podcast to coincide with

Sound off!

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0 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Podcast”

  1. matt says:

    nope, not worth the effort.

    much faster/easier to read comments here than listen to them.

  2. Mark says:

    Nope, no time. I’d rather scan a blog post. Podcasts are ideal for car commuters. Bike commuters need to keep their ears clear.

  3. Seconding JP says:

    Agree, rather read and then I can pick and choose quickly. I only listen to a few podcasts and almost no video podcasts. I listen to podcast while exercising or working in the garden.

    I listen to Terry Gross and This American Life regularly and others occasionally. I find narrow subject podcasts are too specific (that is a subset of an already specific areas) and I either know the subject already or know I’m not interested.

  4. Jack in NC says:

    I think a podcast would be great. I am a regular listener to The Bike Show from London, and have been an occasional listener to the KBOO Bike Show.

    So much flavor can be conveyed in a podcast that can get lost in text. And podcasts about cycling take some of the sting out off yardwork on sunny weekend afternoons.

    This is a vote, no, a *plea*, for a Commute By Bike podcast.


  5. Dave says:

    I listen to cycling related podcasts daily. IF you could develop a sustainable podcast, I’d recommend it.

  6. Egaladeist says:

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  7. Mark says:

    I’m with Dave, I listen to podcasts daily (including on my commute), and if you had a sustainable, regular podcast, I’d add it to my mix.

  8. Adam says:

    I am a huge fan of the podcast medium. I listen to an average of 35 hours a week of podcasts. Some you may want to check out for production and format ideas are any of the TWiT network podcasts found at Another one you may want to check out just to see how much information you can cram into a 30 min show is KCRW’s Left Right and Center. If you do decide to start a podcast, I will add it to my list. This seems to be a subject in much need of audio content.

  9. Everett says:

    I listen to podcasts on a wide range of topics, but oddly, none of them cover cycling. I really like what you are doing with your blog and I would give your podcast a chance in my lineup.

    Now, this may just be my own problem, but it may be helpful when you decide to create a podcast; please know that I mean it in all kindness. Most times, I will just listen to the audio from one of your videos and will continue browsing your blog (listening to your GMaps video now). I imagine that this experience will be similar to your podcast. I do this because often the video is not engaging enough to warrant my full attention and your cadence/delivery has a very slow pace.

    You can just shrug this off as me being a Northerner or not; I will still read your blog and support your efforts no matter what you decide to do.

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