Mamachari Bikes

I just stumbled upon this great video at Change Your Life, Ride a Bike of Japanese mothers picking their children up from school by bicycle in large numbers. As the video’s narrator explains, many Japanese women use bicycles called mamacharis to carry their children and other items around town. Very cool!

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0 thoughts on “Mamachari Bikes”

  1. Byron Kidd says:

    The mamachari bicycle really is the family station wagon of Japan. From ferrying kids to kindergarten, doing the grocery shopping or just pottering around the neighborhood running errands, without the mamachari life would be much more difficult for families in Japan.

    The usefulness and convenience of the mamachari bicycle is unmatched anywhere in the world. I’d love to see them in use in countries outside of Japan.

    For more information about the Japanese mamachari bicycle we have an entire section at the Tokyo By Bike website devoted to them :

  2. Suzanne says:

    Wondering if Japanese dads also do this? Hope so.

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