May is National Bike Month : We Want Your Events

In less than a week the 2010 Bike Month will be starting up for what looks to be the best year ever.   With such a great vibe and high from the National Bike Summit in March, many organizations are pushing for larger and stronger events.

Bike Month 2010

Tell us about your local efforts on getting people on bikes this May.   I’ll be working on a list for Commute By Bike approved events.   If you need ideas or a helping hand, visit for a How to Guide.

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0 thoughts on “May is National Bike Month : We Want Your Events”

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m the Vice-President of one of our (Columbus, OH) grassroots cycling organizations, Yay Bikes!. We’ve been leading the Bike to Work Challenge for the last 3 years here in Columbus and have really stepped it up this year with a great website for commuters to log trips.

    Last year we moved to a 2 week challenge to allow people enough time to hear about it and participate. We were finding the past year too many heard through the office grapevine too late to get involved. We also base the challenge off of trips in proportion to the total number of employees at an organization. We’ve felt that basing any challenge on miles would discourage participation from those with a quick trip.

    Check us out:

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  3. mike says:

    We have a whole month of rides and events in Williamsburg, VA.

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