Introduction : Burley Travoy

Burley Travoy - 1
Back in March we introduced the Burley Travoy, a new urban trailer from Burley. There is now one in house for review from Burley for a few weeks.   Below is a sneak peak of the bike trailer in my kitchen. We will have a full video clip and photos of how the Burley Travoy works and rides in the next couple weeks.

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0 thoughts on “Introduction : Burley Travoy”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Are those wheels plastic, BSG?

    I just bought a Schwinn Scout trailer last weekend.

    I like it because of the big, 20″ spoked wheels on it and although it’s over twice as heavy as the Burly Travoy it will hold 100 pounds and I can tote my little granddaughter in it.

    (Also, the price was right, too!)

  2. Schwinn Scout, looking into them now..

    Yes, plastic wheels. Don’t worry, it will be part of the review!

  3. BluesCat says:

    BSG: The only place you’ll see them listed as the Schwinn “Scout” is in the printing on the box. Target lists them on their web site as the “Schwinn Bicycle Trailer With Conver – Yellow/Gray (Double).”

    As I write this, neither Schwinn or their parent company, Pacific Cycle, even mentions this trailer on either of their web sites. This trailer seems to share a lot of components with the InSTEP family of bicycle trailers (InSTEP is another subsidiary of Pacific Cycles).

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