Hand Built with a side of Toughness

Pete sent us some pictures of a bike cargo trailer he made for hauling gear, some where in the Western U.S. he tells us. This doesn’t look like the yuppie trailers roll’n around suburbia America. This is a working mans trailer. Pete constructed this ox from old road signs, bolts and wood, with 20″ Northern Tool HD rims toting a 200 lb working load each. Burly.

Pete claims the trailer has been tested at 40 mph+ with 100 lbs on the hwy, I’m wondering if these numbers were from being pulled by a bike or a duelie. He also says the trailer has pulled 480 lbs a.k.a six buckets of sand weighing 80 lbs a piece, at lower speeds. I really hope its flat were Pete lives with a tail wind coming from every direction.

I can’t imagine trying to pull 400 lbs with a trailer attached to the seat post, I don’t’ know what would fail first my legs or the seat post, but it appears Pete has no problem with it. Whats even better is that he made some design modifications based on information he gathered at the Bike Trailer Blog. What can we say we are a muse.

If there was an award for best creative, overbuilt, can carry anything even if you can’t pedal it trailer, then Pete should win. If you are searching for a bike cargo trailer that is a little more moderate but still has that raw do anything feel then check out the Wandertec Bongo.

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0 thoughts on “Hand Built with a side of Toughness”

  1. pete says:

    I know 480lbs is for flatlanders only , but the first version of this trailer went from bremerton, wash. to knoxville , tenn. And that was pedaled most of the time. This new one is 36 lbs. and with 100 lbs., can easily do a 10% grade. BTW, the seat hitch IS the best for 300lbs + , the side hitches are too stressed with with this gross weight. There is a new pix of this trailer I just uploaded. Thanx, pete…

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