Month: April 2010

New Bike Shop Hub Location's Layout

In anticipation of our upcoming move, I’ve been planning the layout of our new location. This is the pretty color coded CAD drawing of the layout of our new location. The right side is the workshop where the Wandertec BONGO bike cargo trailer and other Wandertec products will be designed and manufactured. The top left…

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Cyclovia Tucson

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of getting to participate in the very first Cyclovia Tucson! The Tuscon Cyclovia is part of the Tucson Bike Fest, which takes place throughout the month of April and includes Bike-To-Work Week, a bike commuter challenge, a bike swap, and many other great events. The Tucson Bike Fest…

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To BOB or Not to BOB

There are a lot of bicycle cargo trailers in the world, some follow the single wheeled premise others subscribe to two wheels. When it comes to off road riding I think it is well accepted that single wheeled bike trailers are the ticket. They track well behind your bike and can still carry a significant…

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Commuters, Do You Have Law Questions?

Are you worried about a hit and run, bike lanes or general “what if?” laws when it comes to bicycles? Next week, is hosting a question & answer session with a lawyer to help answer those bike related law questions. Next Wednesday, April 28 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, Avvo ( is hosting…

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Group Rides: Casual, Competitive and Colossal

When Pierre and Ernest Michaux invented the modern bicycle nearly a century and a half ago, it is unlikely that they envisioned the multiplicity of enterprises for which it would be used. We use bikes to get places more efficiently and more economically, we use them to stay in shape, and we use them to…

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The kids Vote on Child Trailers

There are a lot of bike child trailers out there, some good, some not so good. As the parents who pull the child trailers we never truly get to form a solid opinion as to what it is really like to be pulled inside a child trailer. What do the kids think? They’re the ones…

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