Bob's DIY Bike Trailer Solutions Part 2

Our friend Bob sent us some more images of a bike dog trailer that he has been working on. Previously Bob had sent us some images of his DIY bike cargo trailers. Here’s what Bob has to say about his latest creation.

“This is my latest completed trailer with it’s happy passenger Quincy. This lady wanted a cargo hauler and something to haul her dog with. With this particular box, the lid snaps off very easily so the trailer becomes a dog hauler. She made a nice cushion for the bottom and the dog wears a little harness with 2 short leads so he can’t jump out of the trailer.”

In my estimation, Bob’s design looks solid, lightweight and offers some excellent functionality. Keep up the good work, Bob and we look forward to seeing your next DIY Bike Trailer.

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0 thoughts on “Bob's DIY Bike Trailer Solutions Part 2”

  1. Clyde says:

    lol thats sick, cute dog too!

  2. […] the story Robert, keep up the good work. This is Bob’s third submission, following up his DIY dog trailer and the “blue” trailer. For a non DIY bike cargo option, check out a Wandertec Bongo […]

  3. janet Lee says:

    HEy, I am so glad that your smart to put a harness on the dog. I had a shepard that was so happy to ride along. I had to really bolt on the trailer to keep it in place. daily I checked the connections an replaced anything that broke cracked or tore. Nothing is scarrier than the trailer to pass you on a hill unattached with the dog cross tied. wow. She passed of cancer, and missing her is hard. JUST glade I did not force her to run at the lakefront in the HOT Chicago summers.

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