Car-Free Diet Skeptics

Car-Free Diet is a program in Arlington, Virginia that encourages commuters to use alternate methods of transportation. In May 2010, two local guys participated in the first Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge, and they did their best to give up their cars for thirty days. They were selected in part for their great video submissions, so check out the introduction video and follow the entire month on the Car-Free Diet site.These guys walked away with lots of great free stuff, including new bikes, but more importantly, they learned how rewarding it can be to leave the car at home.

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0 thoughts on “Car-Free Diet Skeptics”

  1. janet says:

    “Looks like yours is missing a basket”

    Methinks these guys would be better off with a basket or a rear rack than suspension on their bikes. Carrying a laptop to work or groceries is a lot easier when your not cramming it into a backpack which also has the lovely effect of leaving your back sweaty.

    And how about some fenders. It may not rain much here in sunny California, but these guys are in Virginia. They’d both be better off with some proper city bikes. A little gear goes a long way when you’re going car-free or car-lite.

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