Who Wins? Bike VS Car VS Transit Race

Last week in Philadelphia as part of May’s National Bike Month there was a race of sorts. Which type of transportation can get through 4 miles of city congestion, the fastest?

Riding a Breezer Finesse commuter bike
, Patrick Cunnane, president of Advanced Sports, Inc., won the annual Bike versus Car versus Transit race held Wednesday in Philadelphia, beating the competition by nearly six minutes.

Sponsored by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as part of national Bike Month, the sixth annual event is designed to show the public the convenience and speed-of riding a bike to work, according to a press release. The race pits one bicyclist against one car drive and one subway rider.

Cunnane wore a business suit to prove the point that biking is an activity suitable even for workers who must dress up for the job. “I pedal to work nearly every day, so I know the benefits of getting around the city by bike,” Cunnane says. “In busy cities like Philadelphia, it’s simply the fastest way to get short distances, especially at rush hour.”

The race started at 8 a.m. in north Philadelphia at Frankford and Master streets and traveled four miles to 15th and Market streets, finishing near City Hall. Cunnane finished with a time of 13 minutes and 20 seconds. The car driver arrived at the finish line in 19:20, and the public transit rider came in at 24:09.

Full Article & Photo Credit.   Bicycle Retailer

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0 thoughts on “Who Wins? Bike VS Car VS Transit Race”

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  2. Israel says:

    I do the same race nearly everyday in NYC and the bike always wins! It’s nice to have the subway as a back up on a rainy day though.

  3. skigod111 says:

    The show Top Gear, in the UK, did a similar experiment comparing a car, bicycle, public transport, and boat to get through London.
    Bike won.

  4. Michelle says:

    I ride my Breezer to work in skirt, pumps and pearls. And beat the cars leaving my neighborhood 9 times out of 10!

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