Outlier Summer Shorts : Worth $128?

Outlier is a company I have always been jealous of, their website, their clothing and their price tag. As much as I would like to, I could never justify $128 for a pair of shorts (knickers are another conversation.. Their new Summer Short has been blasted all over the internet, blogs, and news feeds. Yes, I’m sure they will sell out just as their website states. If you are one of the folks that purchase them, please give us your feedback. Following with a check to help support Commute By Bike.

The return of the infamous Summer Shorts. Last year Bike Snob went hog wild (with mayo and all) on these shorts. This year they are even better. We started with the same killer cut, and our core 4Season fabric. We added belt loops, an internal draw cord and mesh pocketing inserts to ensure they work even better both as shorts and swim trunks. Then we went to the beach…Tailor made for the slack triathlete, bike to the beach, swim a little and then get busy in the beer hall (or with a bottle of Snapple if you’re a bike snob.) All without changing your shorts. It’s summertime, time to enjoy the good life.

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0 thoughts on “Outlier Summer Shorts : Worth $128?”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Whoa. A hunderdt and twenty-eight Washingtons for a pair of abbreviated drawers?

    Jeez, I know a used BIKE I could buy fer dat!

  2. Zen says:

    Those look like nice shorts but I’ll take a pair of MUSA riding shorts from Rivendell for $43.00. I would be interested to know the differences in performance. I wear the Musa shorts pretty much all summer when I am riding and I don’t have any real complaints. I am not a triathlete so I don’t go swimming in my shorts but at 3 times the cost, that is just more than I want to spend for shorts.

  3. Bike O'Matix says:

    […] Outlier Summer Shorts : Worth $128? | Commute By Bike […]

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  5. $130.00 for biking shorts is criminal. Seriously, you could get 1/4 of an iPad for that kind jack!

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