Velo Orange Brass Temple Bell Review

We are big fans of bells here at Commute By Bike.   Every good commuter bike, or bicycle that is ridden near people and dogs, should have some sort of bell attached to it.   After many years of trying various bells, some expensive and some inexpensive, I think Velo Orange has crafted my favorite for the city commuter.

The Velo Orange Brass Temple Bell attaches to only certain handlebars due to the limited clamp diameter.   I would say it is safe to install it on a straight bar, townie or anything without an over-sized design.   This bell is also pretty inexpensive at $8.00.   You can save your pennies and install one on every bike you own…   For a bell with better mounting choices, check out the Japanese Bell with Retro Space Mount.

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0 thoughts on “Velo Orange Brass Temple Bell Review”

  1. Mark says:

    I agree every commuter should have a bell, but as simple as they are, most cyclists just don’t know how to use them right. I’m a regular bike trail user, bike and jogging, and when I’m on foot, most cyclists wait until they’re right behind me to ring the bell. At that point, it’s more likely to startle me into the path of a bike. These little bells are loud — ring them minimum 50 feet before you overtake a walker.

  2. Everett says:

    I bought one of these for my wife and it is a great bell: loud, clear and so simple. If you have oversize bars, it’s a simple enough design that you can just go to your local hardware store and get a larger clamp.

  3. Ken says:

    Yup, these are nice little bells. Got one for my old cruiser to ride on the greenways. Not really loud due to their small size, but doesn’t take up much space on your handlebars and makes a very pretty, sharp & clear ‘ding!’, that seems to ring on for 20 seconds.

  4. I have a brass Crane Bell “Suzu” on my commuter – they’re great, clear, penetrating yet sonorous tone.

  5. jdc says:

    I love “different” bells and this is one that I’ll have to add to my collection. I’d be looking forward to the patina that brass gains as it tarnishes over time. I just added another weird one last week. It’s called the woodpecker and is made of Japanese cherry wood. It “clacks” rather than “rings”.

  6. John Hall says:

    I use a bell on my commuter bike, mainly when on bike paths. Have a road bike without a bell but I’ve been known to carry a whistle around my neck. Granted a bell is a much friendlier sound and whistles can be disturbing but they can also be heard in traffic. I wonder what others might think.

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