Boulder Bike Move!

Our new writer here at Utility Cycling, John Coe, alerted me to this video of another great move by bike that took place recently in Boulder, Colorado. We can’t think of a better way to bring together a group of cyclists for fun and efficiency. And if the move is not too long in distance, loading up a bunch of bike trailers offers the convenience of carrying the load door-to-door. John was so inspired, that he is thinking of rounding up a few bike trailers for moving his classroom across town.

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3 thoughts on “Boulder Bike Move!”

  1. Jesse says:

    That was just awesome! The only problem I can see is that when I move next, I’m planning on Seattle to either Boulder or Burlington…seems like a bit more of a haul…hhmmm…

    1. Josh Lipton says:

      That type of bike move requires selling everything you have, going on a bike tour to your new home and than buying the stuff you need.

  2. Pinkie B. says:

    only thing i can think is: where are the angry motorists?

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