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This Week Bike Shop Hub and the Bike Trailer Blog are focusing on the growing electric bike revolution. Electric Bikes, Future or Fad? is a Bike Shop Hub article exploring the bigger picture of e-bike popularity. Obviously e-bikes have some implications when it comes to bicycle trailers as well. An electric assist bike or or kit could certainly make pulling a trailer easier, or enable a greater carrying capacity, but what about an electric assist bicycle trailer?

We received some photos and a story from Dave in Colorado Springs. Dave is a long-time out door enthusiast loves to ride his bike into the woods for recreational activities, but anyone who has been to Colorado Springs knows that just about everywhere you would want to go, the roads point up. For Dave this meant that hauling a day’s outdoor supplies in a bike cargo trailer was going to be a steep endeavor, so to speak.

So Dave got to thinking, having seen growing availability of electric assist bikes and kits got him to thinking, why not an electric assist cargo trailer? So Dave sat down and started designing. Using parts that can be purchased off the shelf he came up with the electric bicycle trailer.

The Design uses a rear hub drive system found in many after market electric bike kits laced into a 20″single rear wheel. The battery for the motor is housed under the cargo deck of the trailer. The system can use either lead acid batteries or upgraded batteries such as a lithium ion. The folding tow arm attaches to the seat post for ease of use. Dave says that the trailer can assist his pedaling for up to 25 miles on average paved terrain and up to 30 mph. Not bad for a trailer.

This could be a great alternative for someone who would like the added benefits of electric assist, but wants to continue to ride a traditional bike, You can purchase the plans from Dave at ElectricBicycleTrailer.com. For a more traditional trailer check out either a BOB Yak trailer or a Wandertec BONGO bike trailer.

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4 thoughts on “Electric Push Bike Trailer”

  1. […] motion up to 19 mph, and one charge lasts up to 15 miles. One of the great things about having an electric assist trailer is the simplicity of attaching and removing the trailer. Unlike electric assist kits and […]

  2. Tony Hoar says:

    Bin there dun that-a few years ago.

  3. Tony Hoar says:

    Tried that a few yers ago-it works

  4. We all need to make small changes on how we do things to save our planet from bikes and cars emissions and thats what Dave has done..Instead of using this trucks or any other fuel vehicle for small distance and low weight luggage this bike would be more beneficial..Amazing thought and amazing push trailer bike

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