Barclays Cycle Hire

Bike sharing systems are gaining momentum around the world, with more and more options springing up in cities around the world. The Bike-sharing Blog just posted the two videos below for the new Barclays Cycle Hire in London, which will launch later this month. Not only do the videos sum up some of the important aspects of bike sharing, they are pretty entertaining. Enjoy!How it Works:Cycle Smart:

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3 thoughts on “Barclays Cycle Hire”

  1. Craig Poxon says:

    I’ve published the Cycle Hire locations as an Augmented Reality Layar:

    layar://tflcyclehire (Android) (iPhone)

    You need to instal the free Layar app to view it.

  2. Melanie: Do you realise how tokenistic this is ? Sure, it’s great advertising for Barclays, and London can claim they’re “doing something” for cyclists. However, the numbers simply don’t add up to anything worthwhile.

    It’s the same with the “cycling superhighways” of London. They’re the worst kind of tokenism.

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, you make a good point that London’s & Barclay’s combined efforts to make a bike sharing system are tokenistic. Nonetheless, the videos do provide a good overview of bike sharing in’s and out’s. At the same time, from my U.S. perspective, I’d much rather see a big company like Barclay’s behind something like bike sharing, rather than say, car sharing. At least it’s a step in the right direction, and if it gets people thinking about bikes, that’s great. It may not compare to some of the great work being done in other parts of Europe and the world, but it’s better than nothing, in my opinion anyhow. Thanks for your comment!

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