Light & Motion Vis Commuter Line

Introducing the new Light & Motion Vis 36.º & 18.º commuter specific lights…  The 36.º is a helmet system that runs a head and tail lights off your helmet, touting a 36.º coverage..  While the 18.º light is a tail light that runs off a rechargeable system.


Light & Motion Vis-36.º

MSRP : $169
Lumens :
110 headlamp & 4 lumen rear light
Weight : 135g (mounting on your helmet)
Run Time : 2 hours on high
Charge Time : 4.5 hours using a micro USB – computer/phone charge


Light & Motion Vis 18.º

MSRP : $99
Lumens :
35 lumens
Weight : 110g (mounting on your helmet)
Run Time : 5 hours
Charge Time : 4.5 hours using a micro USB – computer/phone charge

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2 thoughts on “Light & Motion Vis Commuter Line”

  1. matt says:

    I just strap a couple of frog lights on my helmet, white in front and red in back. probably not as bright as this but only $20

  2. David says:

    Matt – You think some Froggies are even remotely close to the lumens these L&M lights are spitting out?

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