Good Times at the Flagstaff Hullabalo!




Good times Good times were to be had at the 1st annual Flagstaff Hullabaloo. The event featured 4 great bands, kids events, great food and beer and lots of wacky, crazy people having fun. We decided to use it as an opportunity to let Flagstaff know that we had moved to a location in Downtown Flagstaff. We had some T-Shirts done up along with a new banner for the Extrawheel Advert Trailer.

We set up a bunch of bike child trailers, bike cargo trailers, panniers and a bunch of kids stuff. With all of the kids at the event, the iBert Bike Child Safety Seat and our demo Strider Balance Bike were our biggest hits. We also had alot of interest in the Burley Travoy as well as the made in Flagstaff Wandertec BONGO bike trailer.

We also decided to deck out our Xtracycle Radish with an iBert, the new Xtracycle PeaPod and 6 different bike commuter panniers.


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2 thoughts on “Good Times at the Flagstaff Hullabalo!”

  1. Frank says:

    I loved Hullabalo!

    What a great day it was indeed.

    We had a splash of rain, just enough to make the weather proof gear shine. There were some crazy bike gear and crazy looking people.

    Good people. Good times.

    Can’t wait for next year.

  2. Dave TheWave says:

    wow checking out the hullabalo event sure makes miss flagstaff,spent quite a bit of time there off and on during the late 80’s and early 90’s,didnt have a bike though and now after almost 7 years in florida I AM READY to get SOMEWHERE and flagg looks like a good place as any AND with a bike shop as cool as the bike shop hub it looks even better,now that I AM riding.funny how life works though,when I was in and out of flagg I didnt really have a life other than being a drunken drifter with nothing more than a backpack full of dirty laundry and a bedroll,now that I am sober with some kind of life ,home and family plus 3 bicycles I no longer have the abilty to just get up and go.MAN I sure do miss flagstaff though,met mucho plenty good folks while I was in and out and sure would like to get back there,But like I said ,with a home and family it is a lot harder to do these days ,now if I could hook my girlfriend up with a good job as a medical office adminastrator WE would be there in a heart beat,got any clues ???Florida is great but after 20 some years as a drifter, 7 years in one place is really starting to wear on me,well thanks for letting me vent I guess,and bringing back good memories.

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