Month: August 2010

State of the Hub: Shifting towards Fall

A little bit of Fall is coming into the air which brings to mind a shifting of the season for us. This means a few things for us. First off we are preparing for our sales to taper off and for our to shift towards ramping up our efforts on our website content and configuration….

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Utility Cycling While Traveling

For most seasoned utility cyclists, it is generally easy to be a utility cyclist at home. You know the roads, you know where you are going, you know the best routes, you know where to grab a bite to eat or a coffee, you know where to get groceries. You have every detail figured out…

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The Bike Commuting Green Dot

Today’s Guest Post is brought to you from Renaissance Bicycles.  A very cool company bringing heritage and craftsmanship of bicycles with today’s latest technology. This is a re-post from their own blog, with their permission. Seth Godin, the author and social media marketing maven, is one of the most interesting and relevant people on the…

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Chariot + Strider = Awesome!

The Bike Kid Shop has decided to make an offer that can’t be refused. We all know that Chariot child trailers are some of the best child trailers on the market. They are the BMW of child trailers, with all the attention to detail and performance that will make any child smile and any parent…

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The Riveting World of Cycling Legislation

Reading about legislation is generally only slightly more exciting than watching paint dry, but there are some pieces of knowledge that are important for all utility cyclists to understand to ride safely. First, I should point out that laws pertaining to cyclists on the road vary from state to state. As with automobile traffic codes,…

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State of the Hub

I’ve decided to take a stab at a new practice this week by doing my first of what I hope to be a weekly summary of our business activities and developments. I’ve decided to post this here on our blog at Bike Shop Hub both for our customers and our team, internal and external. Whether…

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