Month: September 2010

Utility Cycling at Interbike 2010

This years Interbike is the last Interbike to be held in fabulous Las Vegas, NV, its home for the past decade. Interbike is the North American trade show for the cycling industry. This includes all things and all products that are involved, even remotely, with the cycling world. Ten years ago, Interbike was buzzing with…

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State Of The Hub On Pause, We're at Interbike!

I thought I would quickly report in from our hotel room at the Flamingo. The Bike Shop Hub is at Interbike this week exploring the cycling industry and strategize new relationships, deals and products for the coming year. This year, we’re very excited about quite a few things. One of our top priorities is to…

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September 22d : World Car Free Day

World Carfree Network uses the term “carfree movement” rather broadly, to refer to: those promoting alternatives to car dependence and car culture, including alternative modes such as cycling, walking and public transport; those promoting carfree lifestyle choices, within either a car-dependent, car-lite* or carfree local context; those promoting the building of (usually mixed-use) carfree environments#…

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