2011 Surly Trailer

A late addition to our trailer series for a couple weeks ago. An amazing new trailer design from Surly, this will allow you to move your bed, fridge and kitchen sink by bicycle!

Surly Trailer


It will haul 300lbs of stuff

Two lengths available – short (32″ – pictured) and long (64″)

DIY mounts all over it. Make your own bed, add some uprights, strap down your friends

16″ heavy duty wheels

Fits on bike frames with wheel size. from 20″ to 29″ with height adjustability to keep the load level – also adjustability to keep the trailer centered on the rear wheel.

The hitch is compatible with most bikes – full suspension, disc brakes, whatev (see caviats below.)

Fits 120mm to 145mm rear frame spacing

Fits through doorways

Won’t fit Pugsley. Won’t mount on Big Dummy axle given the space taken up by the Dummy’s rear bits. Mounting it through the rear horizontal tubes of the Dummy will be a possibility, but the trailer’s load limit will be reduced since the trailer is no longer attaching at the axle.

MSRP – $750 short – Surly Ted $775 long – Surly Bill

It will cost roughly the same as a Big Dummy if you get a new $1100 or so bike at the same time. It will fit in your apartment better than the Dummy and be removable for times you don’t need it.

ETA: Spring 2011

From : Surly’s Blog

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5 thoughts on “2011 Surly Trailer”

  1. Geribaldo says:

    Perfect for a bicycle hearse.

  2. BluesCat says:


    Put a camper shell on it and you could LIVE in it!

  3. Thomas Brock says:

    Trailers are nice…But I think I’m still set on a Fisher Transport…It’s all the function of a Big Dummy and a third of the price.

  4. Asa Foley says:

    Is there just a point where one should get a car – or at least a friend with a car. I have a bob ibex and Burly travoy – but much beyond those 70 lb limits it is gas consumption time.

  5. Tim says:

    These trailers are much better built than the majority of trailers on the market, what with the chromoly frames and quality wheels. I’m thinking of adding one of these trailers just because a longtail bike doesn’t do as well with large bulky items like furniture.

    For grocery trips and most cargo hauling I really like my Yuba Mundo. I considered the Big Dummy, not too worried about the price, but the Yuba is actually better as a cargo bike, despite the inferior components and materials. The Yuba is a true heavy cargo bike, while the Big Dummy is more of an all ’rounder that also can carry some cargo.

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