Female Cyclists Weigh In

Streetfilms has a new short film about female cyclists who have recently taken up cycling for transportation in the New York City area. The film is well worth the watch if you are considering taking up bike commuting, as the women that are interviewed share some very good insights, tips, and thoughts. Hopefully these ladies provide some inspiration for you to hop on the bike and give utility cycling a try!Women In Motion: New Lady Riders Reflect on NYC Cycling from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Female Cyclists Weigh In”

  1. johnny says:

    Yeah I enjoy watching hot women on bicycles. What a rush 🙂 Actually I think this is an awesome film and I wish the same could happen here in Jacksonville, FL. The people here in Jacksonville are convinced that due to the land mass of Jacksonville that that cannot use bicycles for transportation. I keep telling my friends and co-workers to get a bike and instead of taking there car to the corner store to get ice-cream and those small shopping sprees to use their bike instead however so far no one has I know of has started doing that and it is a shame because you can really enrich your life by becoming a bicyclist and specifically a commuting/utility bicyclist. For those that are thinking about this and don’t want to wear the bright colored loud spandex did you notice that the bicyclist in this short film was wearing everyday clothes. You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong to do this people 😉

  2. Hi Johnny,

    I agree! There are so many ways to enrich your life with cycling, and loud spandex is definitely not a necessary item. 🙂 I think the most difficult thing is to convince people that it actually is easier oftentimes to ride a bicycle rather than drive…not to mention more enjoyable. Keep on working on your friends and hopefully they will take note!

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