2011 Civia Bike Teasers

It is the week before Interbike and everyone is putting out teasers of their new product that they will be launching. Civia is one of these companies. Known for throwing show stoppers, for example in 2007 when they released the brand with a $2500 commuter bike. Since then they have branched out in all directions and budgets.

Civia Halsted

Civia Halsted

A front loaded cargo bike with 20″ front wheel and 26″ back. Offering the most stable of rides with a fully loaded front HDPE (Upcycled high density polyethylene) deck. Perfect for local businesses with goods to deliver, or those times when you can’t fit an entire picnic in your panniers. MSRP of $820!

Civia Kingfield

Civia Kingfield

Belt drive, fenders and geometry of their popular Bryant. It isn’t known if the photo above is the exact spec of the complete bike. But a complete belt drive bike for MSRP $1,050

Civia Prospect

This one has been kept hush hush and I haven’t been able to find photos yet.. There tag for the Prospect is “out of the box commuter for those with a tight budget.” MSRP $975

Has anyone noticed the quick increase of various cargo and utility bikes from manufactures for this coming season? Keep your eye on Commute By Bike for the next couple weeks to get full scoop of builds, photos and more!

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