Did You Know That Best Buy Carries E-Bikes?

Does any readers have a local Best Buy that carries Light Electric Vehicles (LEV)? If so, please contact me.

The entry into the category by Best Buy last year was heralded as perhaps a move that would reverse 115 years of consumer indifference. The consumer electronics powerhouse opened a light electric vehicle (LEV) department at 20 stores, mostly in California and Oregon last summer to sell electric motorcycles and scooters in addition to bikes. Four of the company’s UK stores also sell LEVs.

“Our venture into the LEV market is an experiment, to see if it is something our customers want. We chose a phased in approach to learn the business. We didn’t want to approach it saying the LEV market is -X’ big and we want -Y’ share of it,” said Chad Bell, Best Buy’s transportation new business solutions group leader.

Best Buy has been selling electric vehicles for less than a year, but has opened an additional 16 LEV departments to bring its total to 36. And it’s adding heavier electric vehicles (EV) like electric micro cars to its electric vehicle product mix, which suggests the company is more than mildly encouraged by its early success.

Since the original roll out in California, Oregon and New York City, electric vehicle departments have opened in Illinois, Florida and Texas. The company also will experiment and open a few heavy electric vehicle only departments.

“New electric vehicle technologies are hitting the market and we want to introduce them to our customers. So it’s exciting to see if they are something our customers want,” Bell said.

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Best Buy’s Electric Bikes online

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6 thoughts on “Did You Know That Best Buy Carries E-Bikes?”

  1. Liam says:

    The Best Buy here in San Francisco sells them and I’ve seen a few around town, mostly the A2B models.

    The Currie Technologies bikes seem to behave like standard, if top-heavy bicycles, but to call the A2Bs bicycles is a bit of a stretch. While technically they can be pedaled, they’re so heavy and unwieldy that they end up being used more like mopeds. I’ve never actually seen anyone pedal one for more than a few strokes at the start, and that always appears very difficult for them.

    It’s not a huge issue now and hopefully won’t become one, but I’m a bit concerned about them taking over our hard-won resources. I work for the local coalition’s bike valet program and lately we’ve been seeing more and more of them using our facilities. It’s not a problem yet, but each of them takes as much space as 3-4 standard bikes, and I’m worried about a time when we have to turn away 80 cyclists because 20 people took their mopeds to an event.

  2. We have them at our Best Buy in Portland – feel free to contact me.

  3. Matt S. says:

    I live in Portland, OR. My nearest Best Buy carries E-Bikes and electric scooters. More interestingly, they have had a booth at every bike event I’ve been to in the last year. They have a few Best Buy employees, offering test rides.

    I haven’t looked too closely at the selection. My wife broke her elbow test-riding a (non-Best Buy) e-bike last year. So I’m kind of soured on the concept. They seem dangerous for novice cyclists.

  4. jon says:

    i can verify that the best buy in college station, texas has had a lev department since at least july …

    1. What are your thoughts about these Best Buys? Does anyone have photos?

  5. Jeremy says:

    The BB on Elston in Chicago has them too, and actually had a test-ride weekend before Labor Day. There wasn’t any advertising for it, but I happened on it by chance while shopping for something else.

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