Are Bike Lanes Safer?

This video, which is the winner of the Bike Shorts bike film series being shown in Brooklyn, NYC, debates whether or not a new bike lane is actually safer. The video brings up some interesting issues associated with bike lanes – for example, being used as parking by delivery trucks – to show that, in the case of the bike lane being examined, it is probably not safer than riding with traffic. In general, the video raises some interesting questions about what makes for “safer” cycling in an urban environment and what the challenges are to urban cyclists.

Via Bike Blog NYC.

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3 thoughts on “Are Bike Lanes Safer?”

  1. Greg says:

    The other problem with bike lanes is that all the rubbish from the road gets flicked up by car tires onto the bike lane, ready to give punctures.

  2. Ted Johnson says:

    What is only touched on in this video, is that many motorists believe that a bike lane anywhere means that cyclists have no right to be anywhere else.

    The gentleman that doored me in DC a few years ago complained that since there was no bike lane, I should have been on the sidewalk.

  3. @Greg – Yes, road debris is definitely an issue in bike lanes and in the roads, in general. Here in Tucson, we have tons of glass and goat heads, which make heavy duty tires the best bet!

    @Ted – I think you are right, that there is a perception among some motorists that you shouldn’t be in the road if you are on a bike. There definitely needs to be better education on both sides in order to show people how to share the road efficiently. Good point!

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