High School Bike Bus

In Orlando, Florida, a group of high school students are coming together to form a high school bike bus each morning. The students ride in formation to school together, and based on all of their comments, it is a really good experience for them. I posted about this student bike bus about a year ago, but I liked to share the story again, as the video below has some great commentary from the students about their experience. Enjoy!Via Bike Portland.

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4 thoughts on “High School Bike Bus”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    “If I get a car, then I need to get a job, and I become a slave to my car.”

    I wonder what kind of grades that kid gets.

    I also wonder if the music choice is too inspiring; too dogooderly. Isn’t there a law that any video directed at teens needs to have an antisocial soundtrack? Maybe this is the “mom version.”

    In any case, it’s a great idea.

  2. Johnny says:

    Ted, if this was the “mom version” those kids would be wearing helmets since most of them look to be 16 and under.

    I think this is awesome. When I was a kid I always lived too far away from school to ride my bike. I wonder how many are in their club now?

    Anyway keep riding bikes kids and enjoy the healthy life.

  3. David Amos says:

    Haha, I agree with the Ted, the music is a bit over the top. Kudos to these kids, though. I would love to see more kids riding their bikes to school in my community.

  4. Haha, yea, I agree, the music is a bit cheesy. But the content is awesome, in my opinion. It is rare to see high school kids commuting by bike in my community, and when you do, they usually ride alone. This looks like a fun way to incentivize riding – hang out with your friends, feel free, and have fun!

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