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The folks here at are very excited to announce our recent partnership with Commute by Bike. If you don’t already follow Commute by Bike, it is a blog and resource dedicated to providing tips, advice, reviews, and other great information for bike commuting. Commute by Bike focuses entirely on bicycle transportation, and it contains a wide range of posts for beginner bike commuters to long-time bike commuters and everyone in between. The site is invaluable for learning about everything from the bicycle itself, to how to pick a good bike route, to how best to ride at night, to bike commuting product reviews, and so much more. In short, if you want to learn about any aspect of bike commuting, chances are Commute by Bike already has, or will be in the future, covered many of the topics. That is why we here at Utility Cycling are so excited about our future with Commute by Bike, as it will serve as an important, and very useful, addition to the posts we have been writing about in the categories of bicycle transportation and commuting at this site. Header image source: Bike198.

Commute by Bike has been run over the last few years by Arleigh Jenkins, who also runs Bike Shop Girl and her own personal blog. Unfortunately, Arleigh was recently involved in a bike commuting accident, after which she decided that running Commute by Bike was not feasible any longer. So she approached Josh Lipton, the editor here at Utility Cycling, about taking over Commute by Bike. Josh considered Arleigh’s idea and decided that it was a great opportunity to forge ahead in building a strong community and resource online that is dedicated to utility cycling. Meanwhile, we all wish Arleigh the best in her recovery, her return to riding, and future with Bike Shop Girl!


Since commuting by Bike is one very important aspect of utility cycling, Commute by Bike will continue to stand alone and focus on bike commuting and the multitude topics. Meanwhile, Utility Cycling will continue to focus on all aspects of utility cycling from bicycle mapping to bike delivery to family cycling to community building. Utility Cycling will still continue to write and post about bike commuting when appropriate, but if you want lots of great, nitty-gritty information about bicycle commuting, then Commute by Bike will be providing it!

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Moving forward, Stacey Moses who has been writing for Utility Cycling quite a bit in the last year or so will be focusing her efforts over at Commute by Bike. Stacey has a lot of great expertise and experience with bike commuting, and her breadth of knowledge on the topic will be essential for moving forward with Commute by Bike. In fact, you can already check out her first post there on the Great Debate: Vehicular vs. Segregated Cycling. Ted Johnson, who has also written for Utility Cycling, will be continuing to edit and write posts at both Utility Cycling and Commute by Bike.

Of course, I (Melanie Meyers) will be continuing for forge ahead here at Utility Cycling focusing on all aspects of utility cycling. I will occasionally contribute over at Commute by Bike, but for the most part, you can continue to expect my in-depth analysis and examination of all things utility cycling!

In the future, the partnership between Commute by Bike and Utility Cycling is ripe for great opportunities. We are working out good ways to connect the two sites, and you can probably expect to start seeing Utility Cycling videos posted to both sites. There are also opportunities for unified social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. And we are in the works of developing a YouTube channel with lots of great utility cycling and commuting videos.

5447_largearticlephotoImage Source: Carfree USA Blog

Anyhow, whatever the details turn out to be, we are very excited about the future opportunities. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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    But if I load this page directly then click that link, it takes me to proper website. heh…

  3. Elise says:

    Nice to hear of this collaboration. I was sad to hear about Arleigh’s accident and not being able to do all she does anymore (which is a LOT!). But I’m glad to see CommuteByBike will keep going strong. There’s a lot of overlap with utility cycling for sure.

  4. Josh Lipton says:

    Elise, thanks for the encouragement. We’ll need it too keep up with Arleigh’s pace!

  5. Ted Johnson says:

    Congratulations. You’ve found the checkpoint. It’s been nice having you here.

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    Mr Ben rocks! Almost as good as Jamie and the Magic Torch.

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    I have never seen this site before.
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  41. Rudi Riet says:

    I love commuting by bike, I love sites that celebrate it, and I love “Living in the Past” by Jethro Tull (actually a decent song for listening to while cycling…. not that I would advocate that, mind you).

    Rudi Riet, #2975

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    WOOOO Fun. Nice site and articles. Will be back to read more soon.

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  59. I’ve not blogged for a while so I’m pleased to read that the scene is still about community and solidarity rather than naked competition.

    (Although the opportunity for any occasional (cough!) naked competition should probably be (ahem!) siezed with both, erm, hands..).

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