New Travoy Accessories & Burley Trailer Sale

When I started bike blogging, not that long ago, the first thing I wanted to write about was the Burley Travoy.

Burley Travoy Commuter TrailerI seriously went on, and on, and on about it–as did Bike Shop Girl. (Although my gushing about the Travoy was so effusive that it made me a Burley sales rep’s favorite bike blogger.)

The short explanation is that I would have loved to have had one when I lived in Washington, DC. I used to rent a car for a day when I needed to haul stuff that I could have easily carried on a Travoy.

Our complaints (mine and those of Bike Shop Girl) about the Travoy were few and minor. Now, Burley has overcome most of them.

New Accessories for the Travoy

  • The hitch mounts to the seat post, making it difficult to for low-riding seats with bike racks. Burley now makes Rack Mount Hitch Adapter for the Travoy.
  • Burley Travoy Duffel BagPreviously there were only four smallish bags for the Travoy (market bags and transit bags). Now there is a generously sized duffel for the Travoy, which makes it suitable for larger loads–and even touring or camping–provided the roads aren’t unreasonably rough.

I’ve since become more familiar with the entire line of Burley trailers. Although none has smitten me quite as much as the Travoy, they are all well designed, American made, and worthy of consideration. If  you are looking for either a cargo trailer or a child carrier, they are all on sale right until December 7 at (for cargo trailers), and (for child trailers).

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One thought on “New Travoy Accessories & Burley Trailer Sale”

  1. The beauty of the Burley Travoy trailer is that it is incredibly simple to set up, attach and detach. I love the design that allows it to convert into a rolling cart with ease.

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