Month: November 2010 Stocking Stuffer Specials

Do you have a cyclist in your family? We’ve got a great special going on all of our bike bags and bike cargo racks valued over $80. For our broad selection of bike racks and bags, we are offering up a free stocking stuffer sized cycling accessory! Cycling bags are a well appreciated gift by…

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DC's Bike Share Proliferation

DC is quickly becoming one of the most progressive bike share cities in the US.  It hasn’t been the smoothest road, but in less than a year, the Nation’s capital has made great strides in improving access to bikes for residents and tourists. In March of 2010, Revolution Cycles, an independent bicycle retailer with four…

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State of the Hub: 2010 Group Photo!

It’s been 3 long, busy weeks since the last State of the Hub, so I’ve got a few things to catch up on. At the same time, we’re quite busy with getting ready for the Christmas push as well as some other projects, so from that perspective, I’ll be keeping it brief. Our main push…

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Drawing Conclusions from Narrow Cycling Data Sets

It is very encouraging that more and more data is being collected concerning both the safety of cyclists and the overall adoption of cycling.  Most recently, Oregon Health Sciences University released their study of bicycle commuters in Portland.  While offering some specific and valuable insights about Portland, this type of study only offers limited value…

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Christmas Bike Cargo Trailer Specials

With Christmas creeping up on us, I wanted to do the American thing and advertise. Behold our Christmas bike cargo trailer specials. As purveyors of fine bicycle accessories, we’ve generally found that bike cargo trailers are not necessarily hot items around Christmas time. Our thinking is that they are both a bit too expensive and…

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Paul Goodman's Legacy: Your Ideas for Clean Local Transportion | Win a Bike

We propose the banning of all cars from Manhattan Island, except buses, small taxis, vehicles for essential services (doctor, police, sanitation, vans, etc.), and the trucking used in light industry. The present situation is intolerable and all other proposed solutions of it are uneconomic, disruptive, unhealthy, nonurban or impractical. And with those opening paragraphs, published…

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