Interview: Katharine Horsman of Brompton Bicycle – NAHBS 2011

Katharine Horsman of Brompton Bicycle
Katharine Horsman of Brompton Bicycle

Katharine Horsman tells Josh that, in this economy, Brompton Bicycle chooses its causes carefully.

What effect is it going to have? We obviously want to be seen supporting really worthwhile causes… You’ve got to be pretty passionate about the causes you get involved in.

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One thought on “Interview: Katharine Horsman of Brompton Bicycle – NAHBS 2011”

  1. Dave Holladay says:

    To supplement Kath’s comments on rail – at Waterloo (4 times as many passengers per day than go through Heathrow airport on a fraction of the land space) we’ve counted peak-time flows through the main cyclist exit over over 500 cycles per hour, and over 40% of these bikes are Bromptons.

    At Waterloo we also have a UK first – yet to be replicated in the US but already being delivered in other parts of Europe. The train operator sells a total trip package of a fully supported leased bike plus a rail ticket – the passenger saves time – in London this can be up to 60 minutes on a 120 minute door to desk commute, and money (no (home) car park charges no onward (city) bus or subway fares) The train operator saves land and building costs (car parks at home stations) and dispersal costs (subway and bus connections)

    The Brompton-based scheme has had 2 years of pilot operation and shake-down with SW Trains and is reported in the current A to B magazine (82 page 30) Up to 40 automated bike storage/hire units can be placed on a car parking bay (UK size) but these can support a larger fleet on long term lease. Exepect more news soon. The bike fleet can be branded – and companies have done this for both pool bikes and ‘hire’ fleets.

    Please get back to me with some good case studies of time & money saved by using the bike to deliver viable and fast bus and rail services through consolidation and dispersal of profitable passnegr loads at stopping points that are spaced to deliver service efficiency (in the UK many rail commuters are saving aroud £2000/year in direct costs and potentially £4000-£6000/year on indirect costs of gym sessions, owning a second car, value of time saved etc)

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