Month: March 2011

Bicycle Signage: Signs, Markings & Signals

Bicycle signage is implemented to guide cyclists and to improve roadway safety for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. There are three general categories of signage, including posted signs, roadway markings and electronic signals, and within these categories, there are numerous variations.Signs for cyclists are typically wayfinding signs placed at intersections where bikeways or bike routes are…

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Art and Son and an Adams Trail-A-Bike

Riding my bike into work yesterday morning, I ran into my friend Art bringing in his 4 & and half year old son to pre-school. His son was riding a trusty Adam’s Trail-A-Bike. Being that we just started carrying Adams at, I was curious how Art was liking this product. Art mentioned that the…

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Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle in the Spring Snow

Last week I was getting familiar with an Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle. As Ted mentioned over at a part of bike commuting often involves finding efficient short cuts. While a light weight/skinny tire commuter bike may be more efficient on smooth roads, in many areas a more off-road capable commuter will end up getting…

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