Interview: Nate Meschke of Signal Cycles – Winner of NAHBS 'Best City Bike'

Signal Cycles - Winner of NAHBS Best City Bike
Signal Cycles | Photo: NAHBS

Nate Meschke was a bike mechanic with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. Ditto his co-worker Matt Cardinal. They formed a friendship, built a frame together, and ultimately formed Signal Cycles together. This year they share the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) award for Best City Bike.

Nate spoke with Josh about his motivation to build custom bikes, in spite of the often solitary life of a custom craftsman.

Running a small business like this is hard. And you talk to anyone here; they’re not in it for the money. It’s because they all love the bicycle and don’t want to sit at a desk. And so they’re fine with just being a craftsman and trying to get a small business going. "¦ The benefit is that you are proud of your work. "¦ We’re all in our shops just laboring away. It’s good to show what we do to everyone.

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One thought on “Interview: Nate Meschke of Signal Cycles – Winner of NAHBS 'Best City Bike'”

  1. Dave says:

    I like how as soon as the guy in the wheelchair pops into frame, the camera zooms in quickly as if the cameraman thought: “oh crap, he’s on 4 wheels, not 2!”

    I agree with Nate that ease of maintenance (something I struggle with daily on my Trek 7.2 FX), fenders, and racks are essential commuter bike features, although there are two more items I would like to add to that list: a built in locking mechanism on the front wheel and a solid, water-proof, spacious, lockable trunk that works on the same key as the front wheel lock. The lighting system would be nice too.

    Give me that and I’d gladly pay upwards of $1500. Afterall, I’d never need a car again!

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