Out and About on a Bike Friday and a Brompton

We recently got a hold of a couple of folding bikes for our recent travels. I took a Bike Friday to Austin for the North American Handmade Bike Show, while Ted brought a Brompton with him to Washington DC for the National Bike Summit. Ted has been a long time fan of folding bikes having used a Dahon while living in DC.I’m fairly new to them but quite intrigued by the level of convenience they offer. While Ted and I are working on our reviews of the 2 bikes as well as an overall comparison review of folding bikes at CommuteByBike.com, I thought I would offer up a few of our glamor shots of the bikes.

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One thought on “Out and About on a Bike Friday and a Brompton”

  1. I love my folder for travelling using Public transport and just the convenience of them. I reckon everyone should have one. I’d really like a Brommie myself, I just think they’re ‘dinky’ the way they fold so small for such a usuable bike. Cant wait to hear the reviews. I reckon the BF is the better allrounder and the brommie is best for just being so transportable. I know people who keep them under their desk at work and even take them into cafe’s etc. Wonderful, have fun.

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