Steve Butcher Commutes by Bike

Steve Butcher is a family physician in Stockton, Missouri, a town with a population of about 2000.

Dr. Butcher was one of our t-shirt winners from February, and he came through with a photo of himself, his t-shirt, and his bike. Proof that bike commuting is not a prescription for Spandex.

My bike is an old Schwinn Super LeTour 12.2 that I have modified for commuting.  The commute to my office is three miles one way on rural roads.  I became interested in commuting by bike about three years ago.

Steve Butcher
Photo: Steve Butcher

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10 thoughts on “Steve Butcher Commutes by Bike”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    Get it? “…prescription for Spandex.” He’s a doctor? I’m hilarious.

  2. BluesCat says:

    “… prescription for Spandex…”

    *snicker* Yup, pretty good, Ted.

    Here’s a better one, though:

    I see he has what looks like a Brooks saddle on that old Schwinn road bike, which means he doesn’t HAVE to be a PROCTOLOGIST!

    BWAHAHAHA! i crack myself up!

  3. Tim Goss says:

    Steve’s bike is the exact bike I sold two years ago down to the same color with the same color fenders. After riding it for 32 years, I opted to sell the bike, with a heavy heart (amazing how attached you can become), and bought a Dahon folding bike.


  4. Allan Dickens says:

    The Dr. has a excellent commuter rig. I really like the bell and will have to save up so I can buy one someday. Right now I am saving to buy a Commute By Bike T-shirt.:)

  5. Commuting every day, rain or shine. Hanging my bike on the wall of my classroom, an exercise bulletin board.

  6. welshcyclist says:

    The Doc’s got a great bike and a fantastic T-shirt, something I’d love to be wearing here in Wales, where I commute on my bike 40 miles roundtrip three or four times a week.

  7. Tom Pritchard says:

    I ride my Schwin Voyager. I bought back in 1985. Still use for commuting to work and self-containing camping. Still love it.
    Tom in Madison,In

  8. Actually, it’s a VeloOrange saddle with a Brooks saddle bag. Anyway, with a name like “Butcher” I couldn’t be a surgeon of any kind; especially a Proctologist! HA! Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

  9. BluesCat says:

    ” … with a name like “Butcher’ I couldn’t be a surgeon of any kind … ”
    That’s the best one yet, Steve

    Nice bike, BTW. With a pair of trekking handlebars on it you’d have a rig you could bike-pack around the world on!

  10. @BluesCat
    Ahh, a tour around the world…the kind of things dreams are made of! Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to confine my “tours” to Cedar County and points near by for the immediate future. Thanks for the comment, though. The old bike is pretty good for what I ask of her.

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