Wheels for Wellbeing

This video has been sitting in my inbox for a few months, and I just had the chance to look at it, but it is most definitely a good one to share here at Utility Cycling. The video focuses on a charity called Wheels for Wellbeing in the U.K., which works to find ways to help disable people ride bicycles for transportation, health, community building, and more. Wheels for Wellbeing has a number of different programs, which all work to help disabled people find efficient ways to use bicycles for getting around and getting healthy. It’s a very cool program and one that will hopefully expand. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Wheels for Wellbeing”

  1. thomas says:

    What a great video. It really highlights the physically-marginalized segments of the population that don’t have the best access to cycling infrastructure. I won’t ride with a chip on my shoulder today.

    1. I agree, Thomas. I think the disabled population is one that is rarely considered in bicycle infrastructure improvements. It was definitely an awakening to me to see this video!

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