Still Life with Gas Pump

On my commute this morning, I passed by an antique store on Route 66.

I stopped to check out the bikes for sale out front, hoping to find a rarity. (Once this store had a Schwinn tandem out front for about an hour before someone snagged it.)

Today is was a Huffy and another generic brand. But I noticed something more interesting, like a museum exhibit from the future showing the history of the wheel.

Still Life with Gas Pump

Do you see it?

In the foreground is a hybrid-electric car.

Then the two bikes.

Then a rusty old plow with an iron wheel.

Then, through the glass, two not-so-old gas pumps.

I really like the thought of gas pumps as antiques–in the same way I like the idea of having a robot that will clean my house.

Oh brave new world…

Probably not in my lifetime.

The store wasn’t open yet, but the owners were there. They came out, wondering why I was taking a photo of the back of their car. I relieved them both of their paranoia, and of their hope that they might make an early sale. They went back inside, convinced I was just a harmless nut with a bike and a camera.

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2 thoughts on “Still Life with Gas Pump”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Only thing that woulda made it better, Ted, is if ya coulda put a smile on the car and the bikes.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      If you look hard enough, you might see a reflection of me in the store window, and I might be smiling.

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