Month: May 2011

BONGOing at the Home Depot

Last weekend Melanie and I were using one of the handiest features of the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer. We flipped up the handle up the hitch arm in order to get it to function as a handle. We were unsure of how many flowers and other items we were going to be able to fit…

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The e-Bike Guinea Pig Talks Traffic

Steve Benning has been bike commuting for two weeks, and shows no sign of waning enthusiasm. We sat down and talked about dealing with drivers, motorcycle baggage, and family planning. Wait. That didn’t come out right. I’ve been using this as my second car, because we only have one car in our family. So I’ve…

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Critical Mass and the (Bicycle) Chain Reaction

Cycling enthusiasts and nuclear engineers both have a unique understanding of critical mass. While cyclists do not necessarily need to understand the effective neutron multiplication factor or fissile material to participate in cyclings Critical Mass events, these rides do have a complex and sometimes misunderstood history. Critical Mass rides are still defined by organized coincidence,…

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