Velopalooza Cargo Bike Ride

Check out this fun video from Velopalooza 2011 that highlights all of the amazing abilities of cargo bicycles and bicycle cargo trailers. The video highlights Ron Richings (in the tie-dye) and was done by Randy Chatterjee. It’s always cool to see how much cargo can be transported via bicycle!

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2 thoughts on “Velopalooza Cargo Bike Ride”

  1. Dave TheWave says:

    MAN how damm COOL IS this video,plus it has to be really great to live somewhere with that much bike culture AND infrastructure

  2. This is so cool !! I live in a small town and do all of my running around and shopping on my Cannondale hybrid with a Burley Flatbed but I think I’m the only one in town that does so. This is not a bicycle safe place but noone can say that they don’t see me on the road. Thank goodness for 3M reflective tape and Rubbermaid containers !! I love all the homebuilt things that I see on this video…I must be living in the wrong place.

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