Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag – I am not worthy

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The Lane Website boldly tells the viewer to “invest in the best bike bag you have ever owned today.”

Looking at the dozen or so images Lane presents, it not hard to imagine being sold on that claim immediately. The physical product certainly impresses at first blush, as well.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger BagThe bag might indeed be worth the investment of $295 — currently on sale from $395 — for a very specific type of bike commuter but I’m not sure it quite the best bag for most professionals who bike to work.

Masculine, sophisticated and minimalist in design, the Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag measures 14 x 4 x 10.5 inches. It is made of full-grain leather, with a sturdy canvas, adjustable strap.

The designers seem to have taken pains to avoid any unnecessary flourishes or detailing in that the buckles that hold the bag closed are well-hidden underneath the front flap. The pannier hooks and buckles are likewise enclosed in a zippered compartment on the other side of the bag. The interior of the dark brown bag features a large zip pocket and pockets for cell phone, pens and business or other cards.

This is a stiff, structured bag that, like a briefcase, stands at attention. Unlike many messenger bags, the Lane bag wouldn’t dare slouch or collapse when empty or set down.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger BagI am not familiar with Lane, so perhaps they are marketing this product to a very distinct target audience. Despite the fact that I find this bag very appealing on many levels I don’t think I’d be a member of that group.

My husband put his finger on the buyer for this bag straightaway:

He (or she) is successful professional (or on the way there) who is organized, decisive, has all the numbers worked through to the last decimal and confident enough to arrive at any meeting on a bicycle, very possible a vintage Italian model that he refurbished himself (or herself). The heavy hitter at the meeting arrived by helicopter or was chauffeured in a Hummer. But our guy needs no such pretensions. This person doesn’t need to practice his lines in front of the bathroom mirror before his 10 AM because he directs the outcome with Yoda-like powers of persuasion, which he uses only for good and never evil. The only things he carries in his bag are an iPad and a four by six inch moleskin that, when bored, he uses for quick renderings of suspension bridges. He subsists entirely on espresso and pure Zen.

Don Draper with Lane Bag
Don Draper with the Lane Pannier Messenger | Photos: Lane Bags & Wikipedia | Hack image editing: Ted

Most of us will never attain such effortlessness, and even with significant tutoring. Perhaps only a less tortured version of Mad Men’s Don Draper or the now 40-something Keanu Reeves could come close to pulling it off. But…

Everyone I showed this bag to, loved it. Almost always the response was “I’ve been looking for a bag like that my whole life!,” or something to that effect.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag - Buckles

I work with pretty much all men and the Lane bag seems to symbolize something for them. I do not know what—or who? Perhaps their inner Thomas Crown, as played by the late Steve McQueen. In any case, upon closer inspection everyone pointed out a few design issues, suggesting that when investing $200 or $300 in a bike bag, form will never trump function. These are all design issues that could be easily tackled in future versions of this bag.

The first thing commented upon, was that the bag is too awkward and difficult to easily buckle open or shut. Buckling the bag closed required a fair amount of hunting and fumbling. I could not carry on a conversation and close the bag at the same time because I had to look under the flap to see where the buckles went. So much for looking cool and confident. I suspect a larger, single buckle would solve this problem. I’ve found that magnets to an outstanding job of keeping bags closed, as well.

A question that often came up was whether or not the bag would be secure on the bike rack when used as a pannier. The leather buckles would certainly prevent a thief from grabbing the bag and making a run for it but I found them time consuming to attach. I wouldn’t use them if I was in a hurry.

The leather covered hooks fit very snugly over my bike rack but occasionally the inner hook would bounce off the rack if I pedaled over a deep fissure in the road or hit a bump. Usually, the bag came unattached when I was using my little folding bike and I hit the bottom of the bag with the heel of my foot. I really think that longer hooks would be a simple remedy.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag - Hooks
Leather hooks for mounting to a rear bike rack

Another frequent concern was the large inner pocket is so tight that one can only just slip a hand into it. I’m not really sure what I’d use it for. Maybe a laptop as thin as a credit card? The pocket didn’t seem to serve any function other than to say, “Yes, it has a zippered pocket.”

My husband remarked that he wished the bag had some padding on the shoulder strap due to the potential discomfort of the strap cutting into one’s shoulder. I carried the bag many times as a messenger though and didn’t have this problem. Instead, I’d suggest that the shoulder strap be detachable for those times I want to use it as a pannier.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag - Inside
Not shown: Mont Blanc pen, Zippo lighter, stolen diamonds

Finally, I’d also like to see a neatly crafted handle sewn into the seam between the flap and the compartment for the pannier hooks and buckles because it would allow for a more elegant removal of the bag from the bike rack and I could carry the bag as I would a briefcase.

As I was sitting down to write this review, I found myself pulling various items out of my Timbuk2 Shift Messenger Pannier (which I reviewed for Commute by Bike several months ago). It occurred to me that if the Lane Leather Pannier Messenger were to marry the Timbuk2 Shift Pannier Messenger, their child would be, without a doubt, the best bike bag I had ever invested in! Why? Because both bags are just so super cool, but in very different ways.

I like the minimalist, stand-at-attention design of the Lane bag but it really is so stiff. It doesn’t have a bit of give. If I lost my keys in the Lane bag I’d couldn’t root around in the bottom of it. I’d need to remove all the contents because the interior is dark and tight.

The Timbuk2 Shift bag is more structured and stable than either the Classic Timbuk2 or Patagonia messengers we have, but it is a couple of inches wider so I can throw a couple of Rubbermaid containers with my lunch inside. The interior is also bright blue so I can easily see things that I’m searching for.

Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger BagThe Lane bag is leather! So professional and pulled-together looking, but it can be a bit awkward to use and it doesn’t have a briefcase handle. The Timbuk2 bag is incredibly simple to open, shut and put on the bike rack, and it does have a handle–but it still looks like a messenger bag. That might be fine for school or many work environments, but a lot of people have to maintain a more traditional professional image. Even a poor law student seeking a clerkship would likely prefer showing up for an interview with a bike bag that doesn’t look like a bike bag.

Lane implies rightly on their Website that the bag is designed with the boardroom in mind, and on that note it definitely succeeds. Unfortunately, what it offers in style is undermined by sacrifices in utility. Anyone who commutes by bike has to prioritize efficiency, function and flexibility. The Lane bag could use a bit more of all three. It’s a handsome, exceptionally well-made bike bag though made for an exceedingly low-maintenance person who travels light. I hope the designers at Lane will consider creating a bag for the rest of us.

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12 thoughts on “Lane Leather Bicycle Pannier Messenger Bag – I am not worthy”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    This is like the polar opposite of the Ortlieb Downtown Pannier reviewed yesterday by Josh. The QL3 system makes the pannier infinitely easier to take off and put on a rear rack. And it has that Ortileb utilitarian functionality that isn’t particularly suave.

  2. JohnnyK says:

    It is a shame this is made out of leather. I feel sorry for the poor animal that had to give up it’s life to become a bag 🙁 There are synthetic materials that will last and look just as good so there is really no need to kill something to look good going to work.

  3. BluesCat says:

    I dunno, JohnnyK, I’ll bet the animal who contributed the leather for this bag also contributed the makings for some absolutely delicious, and nutritious, hamburger and steak dinners!

    As a dedicated carnivore, I thank that animal for all of the things it has given to make our lives better.

  4. Alex Taylor says:

    Is the laptop in that photo a Dell Latitude D505?

  5. Tom Bowden says:

    BluesCat – I’m with you – If we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      If we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

      And if cannibalism is so wrong, why are people made out of meat too? Huh? Huh? Huh?

      BTW: When digging around for photos for my Bill Walton piece, I found this photo.

      Can we talk about the Lane Bag now?

  6. BluesCat says:

    (Uh, oh, Tom. Here we gone and done it again: gone so far OT that Ted has had to bring us back with a sharp reprimand.)

    Oh, I totally agree with Karen: the Lane bag is high on style and low on function. As I mentioned in my comment to the CbB review of the Ortlieb Downtown Pannier, for my next pannier, I’m much more interested in something that is effortless to attach and detach from the rack; Karen’s review indicates that on that score the Lane bag wouldn’t work for even the liberal Ol’ Cat.

    Leather is great for bike saddles like the Brooks, and for limousine seats, but only Republicans would incorporate it into panniers. If Michele Bachmann rode, in addition to letting her use Stranglehold, I’m sure that bow-hunter Ted Nugent would get her a bag like this.

    Wouldn’t you agree, Tom?

  7. Karen says:


    I think we can all agree Michele B does not ride. Too socialist and in direct opposition to the American way of life.

  8. Aside from the animal issue, one downside to leather panniers is that they are heavy. Considerably heavier than canvas at least.

    I like the boxy shape and the internal organisation, but a bag like this needs a handle. And the mounting system is inferior to the likes of Ortlieb and R&K quick release.

  9. Brandon says:

    From the lane website.

    “Our hides undergo complete vegetable tanning using only vegetable extracts like Wattle, Quebracho etc. These are extracted from trees and other natural products around the world. Our hides are hand picked during selection and are always sourced from suppliers that treat the animals with zero-tolerance for cruelty or abuse.”

    Yes I am an omnivore as all of us are naturally. What you should do is research the companies practices before you judge them. Buying a synthetic leather bag will never save an animal life, just create more waste.

  10. says:

    Cool bag, thanks for sharing it. Leather is always great.

  11. Branko says:

    Very nice pannier / messanger bag.

    It looks a tad long for my bike, though. I had originally a plan of converting my own leather messanger bag into a pannier, but sadly my feet keep clipping into it.

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