Cyclists' Special

Here’s a good one for the holiday weekend via Treehugger. These videos from 1955, which were produced by British Transport Films, are worth the watch. First of all, they are really quite entertaining, mostly due to the clever narration and witty use of similes. However, they are also entertaining if you tend to drool over old-school bicycles and cycling culture.Second, these videos definitely fall into the realm of utility cycling, as the narrator emphasizes how social gatherings by bicycle, like the countryside tour highlighted in the video, can bring people together in a positive way and help them “rediscover their common humanity in finding countryside, exercise and companionship, all in one.”Perhaps a little countryside bicycle tour is a good idea for the long weekend!Part 1:Part 2:

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One thought on “Cyclists' Special”

  1. Matt says:

    Over the years I have been increasingly surprised at how far appart the American culture & the British culture are. I tend to think more about our similarities as opposed to our differences but the differences are many. And sometimes we are pretty far apart. This is but one example of that.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this video. It was interesting and entertaining.


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