The Vaude Eva's Office Pannier: She Plays for Both Teams

Jamie RobinsonJaimie Robinson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago. Jaimie commutes by bike every possible day along Chicago’s Lake Shore bike path. She is a regular writer for Chicago Bridge, a blog for professionals working in the field of aging.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly stuffy name,  Eva’s Office Pannier. Not only is this bike bag designed to be taken into the office it is also very suave.

Vaude Eva's Office Pannier
Hidden QMR Attachment System

I think this bag is made for women, hence the name Eva, but I feel it is gender neutral because of it its black exterior and green interior. So, dudes, consider Eva just stands for Extremely Voracious Animal (EVA).

While walking out of the office to jump on my bike a co-worker asked, "How are you going to bike with that bag?" I responded, "Oh, you see, it's actually a bike bag" and proceeded to show them how the rack hooks were hidden.

Clip, Clip. One word said twice to describe the simple mechanism to put this bag on your rack.

My trip, like many bike commuters in Chicago is a bumpy one. I am privileged to bike to work on the Lakeshore bike path, but it is still full of cracks, bumps and potholes! No matter what came our way Eva and I held tight, and I had no concern for the safety of the items in my bag.

Lakeshore Bike Path
Lakeshore Bike Path

Holy Smokers can I pack Eva tight. She put on a few pounds when she rode with me. She held a pair of work appropriate clothes, work shoes, my makeup bag, my lunch, a hairbrush, my water bottle, a book, wallet, keys, phone, and sometimes file folders and a laptop.

On occasion, my very boxy Tupperware I bring for lunch would make it hard to zip her up. But like any reasonable women trying to squeeze into those skinny jeans, we made it work.

In the interior of the bag there are two pockets. The main one is where I store my Tupperware lunch, shoes, and clothes that I bring to work. This pocket is much larger than the other. The smaller pocket has been built to hold books, file folders, and a laptop. I have mostly used it to hold my books and on occasion the laptop.

Vaude Eva's Office Pannier interior

There is also a front pocket that is large in size, but small in capacity. I often use this pocket for my keys, ID, phone, and sunglasses.

Eva's Office Pannier Outer Pocket
Outer Pocket

There are some nice small holders inside this area for your cell phone, and other items but I usually just throw everything in there and spend extra time fishing things out.

I love the handles. But I equally love the adjustable shoulder strap. The handle are perfect for the quick grab and go off and on the bike rack up the stairs and to the office. The strap is perfect for the walk to the gym, the walk to lunch and for looking cool.

My wish list for Eva is that she could come in a more stylish look. She is made of black canvas-type material that works for a neutral, office type of look. But I would like to consider myself a practical stylista, and for that reason it might be nice to have the option of a printed canvas bag.

Eva's Office Pannier Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Strap

Also on my wish list would be for the bag to have an expandable feature. There are times when I need to bring to work a little more than the bag can hold, especially on days I need to bring in my laptop.

If you are a straight guy or lesbian, consider Eva the sweet girl you wish you had the balls to talk to in high school, who now rides on your backside everywhere you go. She holds everything you need. She can hold her own when you want it rough, and she loves it you hold her handles.

If you are a straight lady or a gay guy, consider Eva that dependable girlfriend who will be there for you when you need her. She is simple enough that whatever you wear will always top her outfit, but she fits in nicely with your style. She is practical and is happy to follow you around.

 Eva's Office Pannier and Man's Best Friend

The Eva’s Office Pannier sells retail for $129.00, but is on sale this summer (2011) for $119.00 at Bike Bag Shop.

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12 thoughts on “The Vaude Eva's Office Pannier: She Plays for Both Teams”

  1. Chrehn says:

    Yikes! Good design. Looks real good.

  2. JohnnyK says:

    Sorry but if a man was carring that it would look like a man purse with the big giant handles at the top.

  3. Josh Lipton says:

    So, I presume that if you are a man and your bike pannier looks like a purse, that makes you less of a man in the same way that carrying a man purse would?

    What if you are riding a girls bike, but you are wearing a very manly bike messenger bag? Which scenario is less manly?

  4. BluesCat says:

    I have a small camera bag, with a shoulder strap, which is perfect for my checkbook, organizer, satellite radio and other, sundry items. I just pop it into the rack bag on the rear rack of the bike and I have everything together.

    My wife calls it my “murse.” The women in my office call it a great idea.

    The men in my office don’t talk about it at all. They know the consequences: they could be headed out to their cars one afternoon, and all of a sudden find themselves flat on their faces in the parking lot, with a Kenda Kwest bike tread mark up the center of their backs!

    The Eva’s Office Pannier looks a little too big for me.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      I bought Eva’s Shopper for my wife. It’s kind of the same, but without as much organizational stuff (dividers, pockets, etc.). I don’t find it emasculating. But now whenever I use it I’ll just casually mention to anyone I encounter that I have a penis. Problem solved.

      I think it’s great that it’s made from recycled materials. The bag, that is.

  5. JohnnyK says:

    @Josh, In that case you might as well wear a dress. Make sure your dress is not too short or the police in NY will ticket you. For the same reasons men do not usually wear dresses most men would not use this bag. However if it is your cup of tea then by all means go for it big boy.

    1. Josh Lipton says:

      @JohnnyK In which case are you imagining me in a dress? My man pannier/purse on my very masculine bike or my manly bike messenger bag on a girls bike. I’d really prefer that you imagine me wearing a kilt in homage to my Scottish heritage, but hey its your imagination.

  6. BluesCat says:

    LOL! Gee, Ted, with all the talk of short dresses on men, and things “too big,” and whether you “have one” … Gawrsh! Ya better put a Parental Advisory (like Keith’s) at the top of Jaimie’s post or yer gonna get in TROUBLE.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Well, the P-word is not profanity, last I checked. And it’s very foreign to my way of thinking to worry about whether or not a very utilitarian product is masculine enough. The size of the handles would be the deal-killer for some men. Seriously?

  7. Kerouwhack says:

    The bottom two photos of the model with the bag…Is that the author of this article? Nice legs.

  8. JohnnyK says:

    Well I was thinking that if Vaude would add a nice butterfly clasp to this bag then it wouldn’t be so suspect as to whom they designed it for. I have see several of Vaudes products and many of them seem to target Women which is fine however they are just not to my liking. Don’t get me wrong if the young lady in the photos asked me to hold her bag I would in a heartbeat.

  9. JohnnyK says:

    @Kerouwhack, it has been my experience that most cyclist have nice legs. Especially if they commute everyday.

    Hey all you cagers if you want nice legs commute by bike!!! Sorry I could not resist

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